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Acoustical Ceiling Tile Coating and Tile Replacement

The simplest way to enhance a worn, unattractive work environment is to replace old, stained and discolored acoustical ceiling tiles.  A complete replacement with labor and disposal of old material can get expensive.  Therefore, recoating your existing ceiling tiles may be a more cost effective option.

Whether as part of an office renovation or just a part of your regular maintenance cycle, acoustical tile restoration is a quick and economical way to clean up your work space. Our ceiling tile crews will supply, cut and install exact or like-matched replacements for broken or missing tiles.

Line striping and asphalt repair

Diamond Restoration offers full layout and line striping services and asphalt repair , using experienced personnel and proven line striping equipment to deliver the best job possible.
Asphalt repair is an important part of pavement protection. Repairs should be done immediately before they turn into bigger issues. Continual, routine maintenance is important to the overall health of the asphalt.
More than quality, a fair price, and timely response, here, we adhere to the "Diamond Standard, and commit to giving you peace of mind. 

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We are your complete flooring provider, including epoxy flooring, Whether in a new construction application, a restoration project or for a concrete repair, proper application of epoxy floor finishes is imperative to final appearance and long-term durability. The most important factor for guaranteeing the adhesion of an epoxy resinous coating is proper surface preparation. The correct preparation techniques require special equipment such as, shot blasting, scarifying and diamond grinding and individuals committed to quality.
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Metal/Wood framing and drywall installation

Our teams are also experienced at installing metal and wood framing systems for commercial and industrial businesses to separate spaces.  
No matter what you call it, drywall, sheetrock or gypsum board, well finished interior walls and ceilings all start with the same components. Your walls are all made up of the following materials: drywall, screws, tape and spackle compound. Installation of these materials can make or break the job. Our team is what differentiates our jobs from other companies.  We have experience framing all types of buildings and structures including, office buildings, manufacturing plants, and medical offices, and many other sites.

Pressure washing and Steam cleaning

Our highly trained teams perform power washing and steam cleaning services for industrial and commercial properties such as condominium complexes, retail stores, churches and hospitals. Industrial cleaning methods typically target and remove heavy stains, grease, and grime from tanks, production facilities and structural steel surfaces.

For nearly a decade, Diamond Restoration has been the preferred pressure washing choice of facility managers throughout the the southern region, cleaning parking manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, shopping areas, hotels, offices, and schools.
  • Metal /wood framing 
  • ASPHALT REPAIR, Crack Filling, and Asphalt sealing

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