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traffic control

Quality traffic control is about the details. The unique situations within the application of work zone setups require specific care and attention. 

We apply best practices to each project and we train every member of our traffic control team. They account for different volumes and  variations of traffic at different times of the day and week. We think about safety at all times, ensuring safe passage for the general public and safe working conditions for road construction crews and our own flaggers and workers, to make sure your crews are safe.


Diamond Restoration offers full layout and line striping services and asphalt repair , using experienced personnel and proven line striping equipment to deliver the best job possible. 
Asphalt repair is an important part of pavement protection. Repairs should be done immediately before they turn into bigger issues. Continual, routine maintenance is important to the overall health of the asphalt.
More than quality, a fair price, and timely response, here, we adhere to the "Diamond Standard, and commit to giving you peace of mind. 

Curb Work

All types of curb work including DOT spec curbs, city spec curbs, rollover curb, slipform concrete paving, curb & gutter for residential developments, & concrete barrier walls